"The history of grapevine" gives birth to a journey, which is not merely didactical or mental, but also physical and tactile. The Sgubin family wishes to introduce wine from its origins, from the territory generating it, from the ground that nourishes it. The wine is shown in its essence, in its "physical appearance", in its "posture", in its "growth". Like a child grows and acquires knowledge and skills, stands up, walks, makes progress, the grapevine goes through a long growing process. Our guests are invited to walk our trails of wine, cultivation, care and harvesting. They can perceive the efforts and the tenacity of the grapevine to become ripe and to accomplish its growing process. Thanks to tradition and family tales, hard work and methods, pure emotions, such as passion and joy, but also physical exertion and extreme commitment, the wine is exposed, exalted in its uniqueness and poetry. Its journey is parallel to man's one. Each harvesting represents a goal reached together, both in the grapevine and in the hand working it. Hence the word "journey": men walk by their grapevine to bring it to a result, by taking care of it and preserving it and by making every single step together, never ever before it, but always by its side. Sometimes men must wait and thus they sit on the side of their grapevine, letting the journey be inebriated by its product, which is sipped among the vineyard, sitting on the ground, generator of perfection and excited by the fizzy air of the hills. A unique moment of pleasure, dedicated to whoever sets out on the journey of excellence, consisting of steps and pauses, intensity and hope. Only excellent products comply with their rhythms and keep them stable. The journey into the history of grapevine is made of words and steps, but also of pauses and silence, in which everyone may indulge in their own world and linger over the value of waiting.