The restoration and passionate refurbishing of a building, which was once used as the main stables, cellar and hayloft, welcome us in a typical rural farmhouse. Positioned on the hillside, amidst Collio's vineyards and woods, just at the northern side of this renowned wine area and on the border with Slovenia. Its location is a crossroads of spectacular landscapes and rich wine and food panoramas, that benefit from a padded atmosphere and a delightfully private and quiet location.
You will be our welcome guests in a cosy, familiar and cheerful atmosphere. Each room is distinguished by a different colour, by its furniture and bed-linen, which were selected with dedicated care and love. Moreover, each room has an independent private entrance that will allow you to disappear into the soft hills of the Collio's area in just a couple of steps. By opening the windows you will hear nothing but your heartbeat, you will breathe a little part of heaven and let yourself go to your thoughts. Just some meters off, you shall spoil yourself by eating the family restaurant specialties, by entertaining yourself in the tasting house and in its charming taste route. You will feel like at "home-sweet-home", lulled by the attentions of this wonderful resort, by its unforgettable taste and unique characteristics. Let yourself be enchanted by the sweet course of time and by the "magic" of this place, like the "Cjant dal Rusignul" ... the chirping of the nightingale, indivisible companion of our days.